The Testosterone Dream!

Andropause may be the male equivalent of what females experience during menopause. Women encounter hormonal changes during menopause as well as males go through similar changes with the hormone levels of theirs, particularly testosterone. The decline in testosterone is generally gradual or sudden, the conventional decline is aproximatelly one % a year or more and this can begin as early as 35 years of age. A blood test is needed to check out for hormonal imbalances and to determine if testosterone replacement is a feature.

Common symptoms of Andropause:

Common treatment for Andropause:
The most common treatment for Andropause is bio-identical testosterone. It comes in a variety of styles but the 2 easiest strategies of using it are in the form of an injection or perhaps a transdermal cream or gel. The injection form is often done once or Explore ( twice a week. The cream is usually administered on a daily basis, night and morning. Deciding which form is appropriate for you are able to be addressed with the help of your doctor.
Only bio-identical testosterone is safe and effective in dealing with Andropause symptoms in men. Artificial variations are not safe for the liver.