Billionaire Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman STOPS donations to Haley

Billionaire donors who helped fuel Nikki Haley’s rise to a third place finish in Iowa and second in New Hampshire are pulling back from her effort to go one-on-one against Donald Trump in South Carolina. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, who has helped bankroll Democrats and cut big checks to Biden’s reelection effort, but also gave $250,000 to a super PAC backing Haley. Also bailing out is metal magnate Andy Sabin, who told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto he was ready to ‘walk away’ from Haley.

He had contributed $1.7 million to GOP campaigns over three cycles.  ‘Haley needs to drop out,’ he said. ‘Regardless of what anyone tells you, her money is going to dry up. Why would you fund someone who you know has no chance?’ The departures follow an angry speech that Trump delivered on election night Tuesday, even after beating his rival by 12 percentage points and putting himself on a path to the GOP nomination. He called Haley an ‘imposter’ and has warned people who back her efforts won’t be welcome in the MAGA community.  Republican presidential candidate former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is continuing to campaign in South Carolina, despite Trump’s furious speech.

Some top backers have said they won’t support her primary challenge any longer Sabin said he would be ‘the first person to write her a check for president in 2028,’ but said the New Hampshire results make clear her candidacy is soon over. ‘You have to know when to hold them. You got to know when to fold them. You got to know when to walk away. It’s time for Nikki Haley to walk away,’ he said. Hoffman spelled out his reasons for backing Haley on his LinkedIn page, amid attacks on her for taking money from Democrats.

‘Nikki Haley would not be as good for America as Joe Biden, but America would survive her administration,’ he wrote. ‘If America is to avoid another Trump presidency, it will be because Trump loses an election next year. If he is to lose, it will either be to Nikki Haley in the primary, or Joe Biden in the general,’ he added at the time. Dmitri Mehlhorn, a Hoffman adviser, told Reuters that ‘The only way I can see (a path) happening is if Trump has a “senior moment,” and she’s able to exploit it to persuade GOP voters that he’s lost it.’ Haley has tried to do just that, after Trump mixed her up with former House Speaker  Nancy Pelosi, and blamed her for security at the Capitol on January 6.  ‘The only way I can see (a path) happening is if Trump has a “senior moment,” and she’s able to exploit it to persuade GOP voters that he’s lost it,’ said an advisor to Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, dog fucking a girl top Democratic donor who has backed Haley ‘Haley needs to drop out,’ said metal magnate Andy Sabin The moves from Sabin and other donors come amid threats by Trump to blacklist Haley backers A GOP fundraiser told CNBC that three clients who gave lesser amounts, helping Haley raise $100,000, were backing out of future commitments.