Brand Awareness and Marketing ROI: Quantifying The Relation

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Brand awareness, in the eyes of the majority of marketers, is an essential stepping stone that enables consumers to recognize and identify a brand’s symbols, messages, and promises. Although it is regarded as an intangible asset, it can have a significant impact on brand equity and profitability overall. A brand is propelled into consumers ‘ cognitive periphery and becomes their top choice when making purchases when there is a high level of brand awareness, which is an effective manifestation of marketing efforts. Evidently, this knowledge predicts improved ROI in addition to a higher potential for sales. ………………………

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The idea that effective marketing implementations result from a good synergy between brand awareness-building acts and their resulting returns is one that frequently emerges from rigorous academia and observational nous. However, this correlation is not a straightforward linear relationship; rather, it is the result of an intricate web of interconnected activities that include numerous operational changes over time, audience characteristics, competitive dynamics, and marketing strategies. ……………………………………