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Always reward yourself, especially daily and hourly. Once you have set your goals for the day (number one above) and are starting to think about how to systemize your business (number two above), lets talk about rewards. Having a reward for your goal achievements is important because even though we might have all the ways to set goals figured out, we need reasons to do things.

1975 ford elite It is recommended by the National Glass Association for you to fix windshield damage immediately. Dings or chips can technically be repaired if they are not obstructing your view and are smaller than the size of a silver dollar. Cracks however, can spread more quickly even if they are small. They need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

used car windshield Now, you are ready to pay the dealer a visit to see what they say. They will ask you some questions and most likely have an auto technician or their used car manager take the car for a drive.

Maybe you are the do-it-yourselfer. Then salvage title cars are just for you. You can get excellent deals on cars and feed your addiction to cars by fixing it up. You can even get parts from your dealer or from a local salvage yard.

Get your wipers. The wipers on your windshield are one of the leading causes for scratches and windshield damage. As sand and dirt turn out to be stuck to wipers they are able to scratch the protective surface with the glass. Take washer fluid along with a soft rag and combine them to clean the outside with the windshield and also the wipers.

While not 100% necessary, I have found that if windshield wipers had not been recently replaced that when the car is held for sale that it is a good time to replace them. Potential buyers always seem to appreciate small touches such as that.