Benefits of Doing Yoga When You First Wake Up

Benefits of Doing Yoga When You First Wake Up

As humans, we stick very closely to our routines and nothing is more important to us than our morning routine. Whether it’s a large cup of coffee (or several) or a long shower, people usually do the same things every day. Getting used to a new morning routine can be difficult, but incorporating yoga into your morning routine has many benefits. Yoga is beneficial if done at any time of the day. But waking up to a light dose of yoga can provide emotional, mental and physical health benefits.

This will wake you up

Exercising when you first wake up can provide more energy than just a cup of coffee or a cold shower. If you struggle to wake up in the morning, need multiple alarms, or guzzle cup after cup of coffee, consider doing a quick yoga session the moment you get out of bed. This will get your blood flowing, your body moving, and your mind sharp.

This will help you sleep better

You might be thinking, “how can morning yoga help me sleep better at night?” Listen to us. Morning yoga has been proven to regulate sleep rhythms and even balance hormones! Knowing that you will wake up and exercise first will also impact the importance of bedtime. This will encourage you to go to bed earlier knowing you can’t hit the snooze button too many times.

It will be more likely to be resolved

Life has a way of disrupting our plans. Even the best among us have to take yoga classes because of drinking after work, staying late at the office, traffic, or other events. Once your schedule gets busy, exercise is often the first thing to get cut. Doing yoga when you first wake up greatly reduces the possibility of other things getting in the way. Trust us, it feels great to leave work knowing you’ve done your daily workout.

This will increase your metabolism

These are the benefits that everyone will love. Practicing morning yoga will warm up your digestive system, making it easier for food to pass into your body. This means your metabolism will work better. A better metabolism combined with exercise means your body will look and function better than ever.

Prevents injuries and aches during the day

No matter how good your mattress or sleep is, you can still wake up feeling stiff, tight, or sore. Doing yoga is the perfect way to work out all the clutter you accumulated throughout the night and the day before. Even if you don’t feel anything, as the days go by they will make themselves more and more known. Yoga will help you feel physically comfortable throughout the day.

This will start your day off right

If the first thing you do when you wake up is go to a peaceful place, how can your day not start off right? Morning yoga will calm your mind and body. This will focus your mind, center your body, and balance your emotions. If all of these things go well, chances are your day will be better.

Waking up with yoga is guaranteed to be beneficial for you. It can be as strong or as quiet as you want. Some people prefer to get into a full workout straight away, while others use a gentler yoga session to simply wake up. Don’t hesitate to try them out and find out which one suits you. Sign up for one of our amazing classes to learn some amazing moves and techniques to take home and click here!

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