Get to know 5 interesting facts about the Maltese dog breed

Get to know 5 interesting facts about the Maltese dog breed

Dogs have often become the pets that humans choose. There are many types of dogs that you can choose from, from their cute shapes, large bodies, and others.

Well, if you want a cute type of dog, a Maltese could be the answer. Before keeping it, there are several interesting facts about this dog. Following is the discussion

Maltese dogs are known as cute, affectionate and active dogs. This small animal is also suitable for keeping at home and becoming a new family member.

Even though many people like or even own this dog, there may be many things you still don’t know regarding its background and other things according to

1. The name describes its origin

The first fact you need to know about Maltese dogs is that this animal comes from a small island called Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The history of this breed is very difficult to trace due to Maltese being a term used for toy dogs. Apart from that, this traf is one of the oldest in history.

2. A type of dog that is often the pet of nobles

Maltese dogs have long been associated with the pets of rulers and kings. This may happen because his hair is long and smooth and is able to provide very close friendship. This dog also often helps when its owner experiences health problems. The Maltese dog is recorded as having been the pet of the Queen of Scotland and the Queen of England.

3. Can be a good friend

This dog is best known for its adorable shape. Apart from that, Maltese also have a good sense of attention to the surrounding environment. Its friendly personality and true loyalty to its owner makes it a pet that many people want.

4. Types of therapy assistance dogs

Many medical centers around the world use Maltese dogs to help their patients every day. This adorable animal is very helpful in several health settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and disaster areas. Petting animals can reduce stress and increase empathy. This dog will cuddle with people who are undergoing treatment and make them feel comfortable.

5. Sunburn easily

This dog’s skin and fur can easily get sunburned. Maltese dogs have very white and pale skin under their fur. The fine fur is also susceptible to damage due to sunburn. If you want to keep it, make sure to be careful when it comes into direct contact with sunlight.

So, those are some facts about Maltese dogs that you need to know. You can also find out all kinds of information about dog health so you better understand the best way to care for them.

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