Cheerleading Goes International

Cheerleading Goes International

The word “scout” is an abbreviation of praja muda karana, which means young people who like to work.

Extracurricular or extracurricular activities are additional activities carried out outside class hours which are carried out either at school or outside school with the aim of gaining additional knowledge, skills and insight as well as helping to shape the character of students according to their individual interests and talents.

The easiest and most fun English game for children learning the language is ‘I Spy’. You don’t need any tools to play this game, just imagination. To play this game, you need at least 2-3 people.

Cheerleading does not necessarily have to be performed to music. Instead, it can be done while the group is chanting under the direction of a leader. However, dancing can occasionally be done without music. Dance is motivated by rhythm, music, and beat.

Apart from that, students will also be trained to work together in groups to create a sound together that is melodious and pleasant to hear.
Its members become human beings who are Indonesian citizens who have the spirit of Pancasila, are loyal and obedient to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia; so that they become good and useful members of society, who are able and able to carry out the development of the nation and state.

Scientific work. Youth Scientific Activities (KIR), Scientific Mastery Activities and academic abilities, research and so on.

Extracurricular activities are one of the platforms that can be used as student development activities. Extracurricular activities have many positive impacts that can enrich and broaden children’s horizons.

Development of STUNT
Strengthening student personality to realize school resilience as an educational environment so as to avoid efforts from negative influences and contrary to educational goals.

The national standards body of the dance industry, the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), provides information on dance colleges offering vocational training, some of which also offer degree and postgraduate-level courses.

Postgraduate or vocational study isn’t essential, but it could help to further your career once you have gained a few years’ experience in the industry.

Present Day
The purpose of a cheerleader is to energize the squad and amuse onlookers. They accomplish this by supporting their local sports team with acrobatic feats, gymnastic moves, and tumbles combined with yelling and cheering.

b. Providing provisions for love of peace and avoidance of persecution

Choose one word to guess and describe. For example, the word to be guessed is “camera”, then player 1 (the person who will describe the word) will give several descriptions that lead to the word “camera”, such as “photos”, “pictures”, or “memories”. Next, player 2 will try to guess the desired word, namely “camera”.
Meanwhile, what is meant by “scouting” is the educational process outside the school environment and outside the family environment in the form of interesting, fun, healthy, orderly, directed, practical activities carried out in the open with basic scouting principles and scouting methods, the ultimate goal of which is character formation. , noble morals and character.

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