Beautiful Earth’s NYC Photo Voltaic Powered EV Charger Follows The Sun To Brooklyn Bridge Park

The photo voltaic-powered, inexperienced and white Beautiful Earth Group EV charging station, which as soon as found its delivery container internals crammed with a Mini E, is not. Well, it is no longer the place it was, anyway. It’s now somewhere utterly totally different, a place that happens to be just down the road, a land recognized by many as Brooklyn. It’s Brooklyn Bridge Park, specifically, and Higher Earth has donated the thing to the amenities department there. It will be used to cost up the service vehicles that patrol the place, apparently together with a pair of GEM and Toro Workman EVs that appear to be they might have been Photoshopped into the promotional picture above. The presumably non-digitally-manipulated ones will all be recharged using the charging station’s 24 photo voltaic cells, producing 5.6kW and, finally, saving the world. Or, no less than, the Park.

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