Meaning Of Bear In Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English

6 Show/BE A sign OFsign/mark formal to have or show an indication, mark, or specific appearance, particularly when this reveals that something has happened or is true SYN have The letter bore no signature. The labels bear a yellow and black image. The city nonetheless bears the scars of the bombings in the course of the war. 7 → bear a resemblance/relation to any individual/something8 MBBABY/HAVE A BABYbaby formal to provide birth to a baby She may by no means be capable of bear youngsters.bear any person a baby/son/daughter She bore him three sons. The production figures did not bear scrutiny. We imagine our pupils’ outcomes will bear comparability with any in Scotland. The story is well known, but it certainly bears repeating. 11 → something doesn’t bear considering about12 → bear interest13 CARRYcarry literary to carry somebody or one thing, particularly something vital The wedding friends arrived, bearing gifts. The US Constitution states that the individuals have a right to bear arms. It was an accident.

• Differences that had seemed slight after they have been of their early twenties now bore social weight.• His arms had been numb, his hands too weak to bear his weight.• I went down the steps, slowly, having fun with the best way every step bore my weight.• As a basis it is insufficient to bear the burden of the case that Mr. McGregor sought to build upon it.• If the floor is correctly framed, you should not need additional help beneath to bear the weight of the fireplace.• The Hooper who existed in Brideshead Revisited, though, bore all the load of Waugh’s opprobrium.• Perhaps this distinction is just too little to bear the weight positioned on it.• But to my mind neither section 8 nor the Gillick choice will bear the weight which he seeks to place upon them.bears the scars• This boat was utilized in an Indiana Jones movie and still bears the scars.• The morning after, Jim Bob bears the scars of a sojourn in the moshpit.bear any individual a toddler/son/daughter• Next, their wives have been fed since they may bear more kids.• Perhaps it was simply as effectively, Eline thought dismally, she was barren, unable to bear a baby.• Women are now anticipated to bear 1.17 children, down from 1.89 in 1990.• She bore two kids, Hercules to Zeus and Iphicles to Amphitryon.• Others develop the feeling of bearing a child extra gradually.• The wide-ranging designs embody a teddy bear swap for kids’s bedrooms.• Authorities concern the girl will try to bear the child without medical consideration.bear scrutiny• A world that can be favored by contemporary individuals which don’t always bear scrutiny.• The material didn’t bear scrutiny.• His relationship background did not bear scrutiny either, having virtually abandoned his first spouse and three different children.bear arms• Esquires are described merely as men who bear arms.• The full census of the towns involves just under 300,000 folks of whom some 60,000 were able to bearing arms.• There isn’t any constitutional right to bear arms.• Women who select to find employment in military establishments need therefore to be allowed to bear arms and to struggle.• John Hostettler, R-Ind., who once instructed that the constitutional right to bear arms included nuclear weapons; and Rep.• He climbed within the Communist ranks to colonel, with out ever bearing arms or carrying a uniform.• The precise of the folks to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed by law.bear (any individual) a grudge• Even back then it was clear they have been bearing a grudge.• It would not do to have Miss Blagden think about she bore any grudge.• Lets hope they do not bear a grudge! • He mentioned each males got here from deprived backgrounds and bore a grudge in opposition to the area by which they lived.• Does some one bear a grudge in opposition to Vallejo?

1 deal with somethingBRAVE to bravely settle for or deal with a painful, troublesome, or upsetting scenario SYN stand She was afraid she wouldn’t be capable of bear the pain. Overcrowding makes prison life even harder to bear. Make the water as scorching as you’ll be able to bear. The humiliation was greater than he may bear. Experts have been fearful the financial system wouldn’t be capable to bear the strain.RegisterIn on a regular basis English, individuals often say that they can’t stand one thing, rather than that they can’t bear it:I couldn’t stand the noise any longer. 2 → can’t bear something3 → bear (something) in mind4 accept/be answerable for formalPAY FOR to be accountable for or settle for somethingbear the costs/burden Each company will bear half the prices of growth. Fares have gone up, maybe to greater than the market will bear.bear the responsibility/blame and so on Developed nations bear a lot of the responsibility for environmental problems. 5 supportSUPPORT/HOLD As much as be underneath one thing and support it SYN hold My leg was painful, and that i wasn’t sure it will bear my weight.

He was simply doing his job, and i bore him no malice.17 → bear proper/left18 → bear yourself19 CMOVE one thing OR somebodywind/water literary if wind, water, or air bears one thing, it carries it somewhere The sound of music was borne along on the wind. 20 Name OF A THINGname/title formal to have a specific identify or title He bore the identify ‘Magnus’. It was a horrible job however she had to grin and bear it. → bear down → bear on/upon something → bear somebody/sth↔ out → bear up → bear with somebody/something→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusbear• A messenger arrived, bearing a letter from the ambassador.• Her loneliness was hard to bear, after her husband died.• There Charles went solo once more, unveiling a plaque – which bore each their names – as Diana stood meekly behind him.• Jean will never be able to bear kids.• Some products that bear freshness dates are cheeses, breakfast cereals, bakery merchandise, and mayonnaise.• Never would she let the earth bear fruit till she had seen her daughter.• Several of the guests arrived bearing gifts.• I actually cannot bear him.• The ice wasn’t thick sufficient to bear his weight.• The trial was a terrific scandal however she bore it all with courage and dignity.• I can’t bear it any longer, I’m crying now.• My leg really hurts — I’m undecided how much longer I can bear it.• Dissident radicals of all sorts were assumed to bear loyalty to alien ideologies, and deportation grew to become the fate of many.• You realize, as in, which one bore extra excitement and panache.• For Blanche the environment bore no resemblance to the glamorous, enjoyable-stuffed night promised in the advertisements.• An oak table bore a number of pictures of the household.• At the top of the procession a bunch of darkish-suited males bore the coffin into the church.• The tunnel would have wanted to be extremely strong to bear the complete weight of the earth above.• The listing bore the names of people nonetheless lacking after the disaster.• Talking to a counsellor may also help divorcees to bear the ache of separation.• He bore the ache stoically.• She bears the title of “Executive Director.”• The child’s slim neck regarded too fragile to bear the burden of its head.• The police are asking residents to maintain a watch out for an individual bearing this description.• The melon rind bore traces of a uncommon sort of the Salmonella bacteria.

• The rise in interest charges could also be greater than the economy can bear.• His face is huge, nearly more than I can bear.• Name seven completely different types of ejecta from influence craters, and 4 topographic options that impression craters can bear.• They’ll bear a grudge for ever, like a hearth in a mine.• Still I approve of his wish that the following time round he will become a girl so that he can bear kids.• Obviously, too, they’re policies which is able to take years of constant software earlier than they can bear fruit.• He can bear me no malice.• The designer whose work can bear such consideration successfully is a rare talent certainly.• Using computers in production is extending all the time, as totally-automated plants and robots can bear witness.bear the prices/burden• It is best that I alone bear the burden.• The rates have been incapable of bearing the burden in their view they usually expressed cautious help for an area revenue tax.• Share prices had subsequently to bear the burden of adjustment.• For the second, capital was bearing the prices of overaccumulation.• Is the potential for misidentification any less when the defence bear the burden of proof?

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