The Complete Guide To Using Instagram Stories For Business

If your friend is watching your live Story and wants to join in, they can do that, too. All they have to do is tap the Request button at the bottom of the screen. The request will pop up on your screen and when you approve, the screen will split and your friend will be able to join.

Read more about buy Instagram Likes here. On May 17, Instagram added the ability to create a Story post from someone else’s Instagram feed post. Just tap the paper airplane icon, select “Create a story with this post,” edit the post with decorations and post. Previously, story reactions were sent in the form of direct messages to the person who shared the story.

Polls enable you to write a question and customize two answers between which your followers can choose from. This is an incredibly engaging tool that can be used to gather audiences’ preferences on different topics. Involving your followers in your business planning and the choices you make will leave them feeling more inclined to interact, bringing them closer to your brand. Posting fun and creative content is as easy as it gets thanks to the innovative features the platform offers.

Each slide can be made of photos, graphics, or videos and contain music, voiceovers, interactive links, stickers, gifs and so much more. The Instagram stories are an additional feature that can help you gain a more engaged following. It is a medium which you can use to add call-to-actions by adding links to your IG stories and direct your followers to a certain place. It can even be used to simply create more brand awareness.

They wanted to attract new customers while also testing which channels perform best for them. They decided to throw a cross-platform strategy in the marketing mix and set up an Instagram performance campaign. If you’re using Instagram Stories for business, you can share special offers or flash sales designed explicitly for your followers, helping you drive direct business.

One eye-catching frame could do more than hundreds of bad ones. On average, brands lose about 20% of their audience before the second frame. The best time to post to Instagram Stories in the US is between 4 am and 6 am Eastern Time . Instagram has experienced phenomenal growth since it was launched for iOS in October 2010. It took a while to get going, with only 90 million active users worldwide in January 2013.

Swipe left on the color palette to reveal more options. While you’re at it, why not use your saved snaps from Snapchat or shots from your phone’s photo gallery as Stories? After you take a snap in Snapchat, just tap the Download button. To add a photo from your photo gallery, open Instagram, start a story and swipe down. A gallery with all of your recent photos will pop up, including your saved Snapchat photos.

Now when you add a hashtag or location sticker to a story, other users will be able to find it if they search that hashtag or location. For example, you can use polls to gather feedback on your products, crowdsource ideas, or simply entertain your followers. As the Instagram algorithm continues to take a toll on people’s engagement, it’s no surprise that more and more users are switching their focus to Instagram Stories. Aya is a freelance writer with a passion for brands, marketing and life in general. When she isn’t typing away, she’s keeping up with the latest news, pondering on the essence of life, and thinking about new business opportunities.

Although similar, the demographics of the two also vary in some aspects. Snapchat is mainly a Gen Z platform, while Instagram seems to be particularly popular with millennials. Then, Snapchat puts a bigger emphasis on direct messaging and a personal feel and is popular among friends, unlike Instagram which is good for public sharing with a wider group of people. Instagram stories vs feed statistics meanwhile show that much more is spent on feeds (69%). In fact, many apply similar principles in their Instagram marketing strategies. According to statistics from Facebook, out of the total number of advertisers , some 3 million were using stories on all three platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to advertise.

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