These Are The Stunning Cars That Marilyn Monroe Owned

Erving Goffman said that everyone has a frontstage self , plus a backstage part of your life where you put on your clothes, your make-up, and your way of dealing with the people you’re going to meet. But he also denied that the backstage is the real self, since it is shaped by what you do on the frontstage part; it isn’t any more spontaneous or “real”, just an alternation between preparation, social performance, and down-time. Marilyn had a complicated personality, which means her total self was a sum of how she dealt with all her networks; and since her networks were energizing her, pulling her this way and that, she was the sum of multiple attractions and their strains. One of the most beautiful images ever to grace a movie poster. This particular one sheet is virtually flawless!

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Travilla’s notes reveal that Monroe wore two identical copies in the scene as it took a long time to shoot and the dress, being floor length, was very prone to getting dirt on it. An ornately carved corner chair owned by the actor, which was the scene for her last ever photoshoot – for an interview published by Life magazine two days before she died – is also listed. The garment made history when it achieved $4.8 million, making it the most expensive dress ever to sell at auction. The red-sequined showgirl gown Marilyn Monroe wore alongside Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, fetched $1,476,000 at a Profiles in History auction in June, 2011. The magnificent dress worn by Eliza Doolittle in her “coming out” moment at the Ascot races in the film adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion.

It’s the signature dress for the movieSome Like It Hot and clearly another contender for the top 10 list. Of course Marilyn Monroe drove a Ford Thunderbird. Ford’s original, first-generation T-Bird roadster, which debuted for 1955 and was produced through 1957, was one of the sexiest cars of its time, and Monroe was the pre-eminent sex symbol. Today, both the T-Bird and the platinum-blonde movie star are among the most enduring pop icons of the ’50s. The work of Roy Lichtenstein, who died in September at 73, has been tested this week.

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And again, hard to describe hard to put into words. But man, it hit me like a ton of bricks completely shifted my mindset from that night. Till now like and it has stuck with me and man that has vastly improved everything. Can anyone picture taylor doing ANY of monroe’s roles?

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Unfortunately, the dress that accompanied the cape is probably forever lost. I think that Marilyn looked truly spectacular at this event, so I feel really lucky to own this piece. Personally I’m fascinated by being able to own something she herself owned, touched, or wore. I don’t have unlimited resources, I’m not extremely wealthy; I’m just lucky to have a professional position that affords me the opportunity to fulfill my passion.

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