Instagram Business Accounts

When Instagram first announced in 2016 that they were replacing the chronological feed with an algorithm, most people responded with a less-than-joyous reaction… Fast-forward to 2022 and Instagram’s transformation from a simple photo sharing app to a full-on marketing channel is nearly complete. As a business, you also want to stay ahead of the game and make the most of every trend. Trends are topical and will grab your audience’s attention when they’re scrolling through their feed. You can also create a CTA on the image for your audience to remind them to save the post for later – like Ankur Warikoo does in this pos. Read more about buy Instagram Followers here. If you’re a retail brand, check out this excellent copy example by Everlane in which they not only talk about their pants but also give away the price upfront.

Today, 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account. Instagram has the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms with 4.2 billion likes and 9.4 billion taps generated every day. That makes Instagram the ideal platform for your business to create brand awareness, attract new prospects, direct sales and create loyalty and retention. So, if you haven’t already created an Instagram Business account, now is the time.

Use this information to adapt and optimize your content over time. When you’re working on a project, consider using this to create some fun content to share later. When you’re happy with what you see, tapYour Storiesto share with your followers. Once you finish taking your photo or video, you can add text or draw on it using the options at the top right of the screen. At the bottom, you can cancel, start over, or download the photo or video to your camera roll. While you do this every day, most people are unaware of the intricacies of your business.

Posting stories on a regular basis with updates on your products, insights on your company, brand message or team helps boost your Instagram engagement. Stories only last 24 hours and then disappear from the profile. Equally, many others report that business pages that get a lot of engagement have kept up their organic reach. Like Facebook, Instagram prioritses posts that users engage with, so the focus should always be on creating great content that your followers will want to like, comment on and share. Instagram Stories have fast become a popular tool on Instagram with 250 million Instagram story users worldwide, both with personal and business profiles.

Alternatively, you can also play your chosen track while you capture your video by selecting it before you record and having it play in the background. This allows users to click on select items on your Instagram Story and shop the item on your site. Instagram’s product stickers help people access product information quickly and seamlessly. This is one of the world’s favorite brands of instant coffee. Their aim was to increase their brand awareness when they launched the Gold Cappuccino range in the market.

Having an equal blend of professional and iPhone® photos makes for a diverse content strategy that diners will love. Because 90% of your photos will be showcasing food, you always want to make sure that your photos are bright, and capture all of the colors within your dish. One of the most important elements of social media photography is to maintain visual consistency throughout every photo that you post. For example, if you have a deep affinity for warm-toned photos that feature a pop of color, make sure to mimic that in every photo that you post. Photo editing apps such as VSCOand A Color Story have pre-made filters that make creating visually appealing feeds easy.

To start using Instagram for marketing, you’ll need an Instagram Business account or an Instagram Creator account. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you’ll just need to switch to a professional one in the Instagram app. Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon () in the upper right corner. In settings, find Account and tap Switch to Professional Account. Pick a category that best describes your business, then select Business.

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