I guess a better comparison would be Bob Dylan and The Band’s “Basement Tapes.” There is country, folk, neo-psychedelia and everything in between throughout. Singer Adrianne Lenker has some of her most philosophical lyrics crammed right next to her silliest. The outcome is a heartbreaking exploration into infatuation, heartbreak and loss. Her pen can make the listener tear up with the utmost ease. It took me a while to warm up to Lenker’s voice, but I think she absolutely slaughters every vocal performance across this album.

It may not be her best effort, but within the vain of this style, it’s pretty damn good, just the same. So, before we dive into this thing, it’s worth noting, and this is important in reference to Hair Metal– people are more or less sheep; you rarely meet a true individual. It became cool to hate on Hair Metal at some point, and in doing so they buried it. They buried some of the most talented and legitimately singular bands in Rock history.

As grunge, alternative rock, and thrash swept the world with cool riffs and actual substance, hair metal became the ultimate musical relic, as hilariously dated as disco. Sepulcro was a great Bay Area thrash-influenced band that got together in ’86. They put out a couple of demos; the first one came out in ’89, and a later one, with lyrics, was unleashed in ’90. Technically precise riffs and longer groove-oriented time signatures separated these guys from the earlier strain of classic heavy metal or the more extreme sounds of the day. This relaxed and confident pace is a fitting soundtrack to the end of that decade with the turning point of the 1990 presidential elections plus other factors that helped pull the country out of its self-inflicted downward spiral.

At the Disco, and cranked to eleven in the style of My Chemical Romance. Having recently released two equally thrilling, standalone singles in “Lost Ring on Riverside” and “Solstice,” I can’t wait to see what this band is cooking up for 2022. The band is currently making the last preparations for theirGood Gracious!

The band’s last album, 2017’sGo Farther in Lightness, was grandiose in every respect – a 77-minute, 16-song magnus opus where more than half the songs topped the five-minute mark. It was outsized and even a bit overstuffed, but it was also so heart-on-the-sleeve earnest and so unabashedly hopeful that it was tough not to fall under its spell eventually. The band’s new album, a 13-track set calledAngel in Realtime, sounds likely to be every bit as ambitious as its predecessor. It’s been described, so far, as being “about the life and legacy of Dave [Le’aupepe]’s father, indigenous identity, death, grief, and God.

But rather than simply ape the more sparklier acts of the States and Europe, Loudness took their metal seriously, bringing the fist-pumping chops and battle-cry vocals of the NWOBHM to the mix. Their undeniable smash hit was Friday night rager “Crazy Nights,” but deeper cuts like “Strike of the Sword” and “Soldier of Fortune” sunk their hooks into fans of faster bands like Judas Priest and Raven. I think all three Zebra albums are great, almost equally. And even “Zebra IV” released a few years back has some great songs on it. I also agree Ratt was a cut above the rest of the bands of the era due to really having some great songs, lots and lots of great songs.

Just before the release of Bad Wolves’ new album Dear Monsters, GRD’s Tommy Carroll had a conversation with guitarist Doc Coyle you can check out below. Video footage of Dave Mustaine and John Moyer performing the MEGADETH classic “Angry Again” with several campers at last month’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Deerfield Beach, Florida can be seen below. Read more about buy Insta Likes here. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp was created 26 years ago to provide real people the once-in-a-lifetime experience of connecting and … Video footage of Dave Mustaine performing the MEGADETH classic “99 Ways To Die” with several campers at last month’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Deerfield Beach, Florida can be seen below.

The original Bang Tango lineup consisted of Joe Leste, Mark Knight, Kyle Kyle, Kyle Stevens, and Tigg Ketler. The band released their critically acclaimed debut album Psycho Cafe in 1989 after signing with MCA records, which included the smash hit “Someone Like You”. Formed from members of Heart and Sherriff, this Canadian band released their self-titled album in 1990. Sounding a little like a harder-rocking version of Survivor, they mixed hard rock anthems with radio ballads and scored a decent hit with the song “More Than Words Can Say”. Ancient Empire is another band that is destined for future classic rock legendary. The band lit the fire with an epic entrance to the metal music industry in 2014, releasing When Empires Fall through Stormspell Records.

Neil’s been hard at work getting into tour shape and even shared a video in September 2021 of him vigorously training in the gym and receiving an Emsculpt Neo treatment, which non-invasively eliminates fat and builds muscle. Aaron is a freelance writer, multi-instrumentalist and overall lover of all things music. As an advocate for indie record labels and artists, he is passionate about local scenes and do-it-yourself artistry. After Bad Wolves parted ways with singer Tommy Vext the band did a massive search during the pandemic.

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